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The drummer in this video just posted this on FB... Audio is for shit but we were jammin...This is me on keys I guess a few years ago... we are no longer together (old men on rusty rock n roller skates syndrome) but these boys were a hoot to play with

I think it's great that this kind of stuff pops up from time to time. Great memories, who cares if it's not primo audio?

I've been fixing up recordings that I did a dozen years ago for a couple of my bandmates that I've known for over 50yrs. I also had a friend pass away suddenly last year, and I had video of us playing a few years back. I was able to post it for a group of friends.
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Yeah it's a treat.....KInd of remember him setting a camera up but never saw the clip till he posted it on FB yesterday. THis little band was my old man entry into playing covers which was kind of against my religion until I played in a praise band and realized I was playing covers ( OH THE HORROR!) I was an originals band snob..I wasn't going to play that top 40 shit and sell my soul to the devil when I was a youngin. Turned out to be a lot of fun at 57 we practiced a shit ton and played out maybe 10 times over 4 years...We got to open for Tierra once and got paid $600 for a 45 minute set...we kicked ass...The original drummer quit and we went through a couple trying to find someone who wanted to do it for the fun of doing not trying to make money from it...James ( the drummer in the video) came along and what a treat...just a cool cat and great drummer...alas the lead guitarist that you can't see in this video's back started giving him trouble and he just wasn't up for playing out at gigs anymore so after a year of trying to get together for practicing for a gig we were never going to play it came to an end....been bandless for about 2 years now..I've been invited to play keys as a sub for a Petty tribute band and may be auditioning to plays keys for this country dude ( below) who has a pretty good thing going...I never played in a country band before but I love the fiddle and I love country...and each member usually makes at least a few benjamins per gig...so ...who knows? Might end up being a Payne ;)