Who Falls


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Loved it! If anything ,agree the backing vocals could come up a touch, they really compliment the lead vocal. Great playing as well, love your acoustic style , and the solo complimented the song very tastefully

Bulls Hit

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The video is great. Were you guys jamming in real time? The sound and visuals sync'd perfectly for the first 4 minutes and then then they drifted. I also noticed when I paused/rewound/replayed, the sound got out of sync. But that's probably my wireless. This has actually given me some ideas for remote jamming. Kudos for the slick production.
I'm watching and listening through the TV speakers. I enjoyed the track alot. How are you recording the guitar? I've never seen one of those. It's got no f-holes!
YouTube has taken me to Down on the border, another most worthy jam. But what are you playing? I don't get out much these days


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I'll let Tjarko tell you about his rig, but I'm playing a nylon-string Godin into a Fender amp on this one. (Recently replaced the Fender amp with a Roland.) Played a Tele before I got this one, but I don't like steel strings as much as nylon, and life's too short.

I would love to jam with that guy, but nine time zones separate us. Plus, I don't think his wife likes me. ;-)