Who are the main Korean guitar manufacturers and who do they make guitars for?`

Sunghan Music Co., Ltd. Acoustic Guitars.

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Not a big deal, you are the first person to post in this thread in 16 years.

Wow I just joined and a user just trolled me. My reply is relevant to the discussion, so what use or help is yours? The thread is available and one of the biggest strengths of forums is that they can be found and searched historically. So again your reply is rather petty don’t you think?
The trouble with forums is that they are all different in terms of style, people and attitudes, and I must admit my first reaction to your post was that it was spam. The name of a Korean company, posted to a topic nobody has even seen for 16 years? On this forum, it's very, very rare to reopen forums when the people asking the questions have long departed. Sometimes people join and can successfully reopen an old topic when they maybe have a similar problem, but to answer a 16 year old question is a bit sort of futile - the moment has passed, and while your name might be accurate - what is the purpose of the reply? Who does it benefit.

You did NOT get trolled by the way, he pointed out the time period - and you n' call 16 years ago a discussion really?

We're a friendly lot really - but it really helps for new people to read a forum a bit before jumping in - to get a feel for the place. You might also notice that as a home recording forum, we don't actually do very many guitar topics anyway? Always a few - but it's recording them, rather than buying them that is our thing.

As the new boy - you don't really have the pips on the shoulders yet to tell a very active one they're doing it wrong? Join a forum, then tick off the old time members? hmmmmmm
Such dorks to get obsessive and anal about this...hint, loserville is still loserville even if you act just like the snobs that kept you all downtrodden during your life. Albeit, in an obscure forum nearly lost in cybersapce.
Sorry, I’m English, so didn’t actually understand that. I think you’re saying we’re an an obscure forum? Totally lost. Sorry.