White Picket Fence


I got a drunk man's stagger
I got a dead end job
I've been praying for an angel
To come and even the odds
But I've put too many daggers
Through the hearts that I've robbed
I don't know how I will explain that
When I'm talking to God

I got a case of bad karma
I've been infected for years
I must of forgot my body armor
Then started shattering mirrors
I disguised my luck to be a martyr
I Learned to ration my tears
They said finding love keeps getting harder
So I covered my ears

I got a past that's not that honest
It weighs me down like a drug
I bust my ass for a few dollars
Just to blow at the pub
I smoke my lungs out, then acknowledge
My depression's my plug
And every time I drown my conscience
My problems all survive the flood.

I got secrets I can't silence
I can't even sedate
Not to mention the alliance
Between love and heart ache
Both in which are so reliant
To show their face then rotate
And even if I was defiant
I could never escape.

I got a hard time with decision
I can't even pronounce
I got bad habits an addictions
Both in plenty amounts
I mistook her love as a submission
when I tapped out, she bounced
Then cut me off like an incision
Now I medicate by the ounce

I got a bunch of fucking wisdom
Still I sleep on the couch
I got 20/20 vision
But all I see is in doubt
I got a bunch of fucking feelings
That don't make any sense
I guess what I'm really trying to say is

I don't have a White Pickett Fence.