Which tapes to use?


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I have a tascam 414...so which tapes are going to produce the best results for me? Cand I use a cassette demagnitizer?
Yo, D! I have found that the Sony CD-It brand works well and doesn't cost much if bought in bulk (aka "brick"). Make sure you get the high bias tapes to get the optimum sound for your recordings. As for the demagnetizer, if you mean one made for regular recorders, it should work fine. I would recommend that you follow the instructions in your manual carefully to prevent damage to your 414. I hope this has been of help

TDK!!! If you can find SM-60 or SMX-60 professional tapes for a good price go with that. (MARS has them for $2 each, I've seen some for more) A little cheaper are SA-60. I haven't tried the Sony CD-IT. probably not much differnt than TDK CD-POWER which I think are maybe a little better than the SA-60's. Really I can't hear much of a difference between most types or brands of tapes (real cheapoes aside) But I can hear a differece in the TDK SM-60- it's much quieter.
One more thing...

Do not use Metal Bias tapes!!!!!

And yes you *Cand* use a demagnetizer! (a wand type)