Which recorders are compatible?


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Hello again friends, I've got a question for you all. Myself and a friend in Montana want to venture into the world of mailing tapes back and forth, not unlike the recent idea some folks on this BBS have had lately.

I've got a TASCAM 424 and 02, my buddy doesn't have anything, and we're wondering how to find out which machines he should look into to ensure compatibility. He wants something extremely simple, like the Porta 02, but we don't even know for sure if that would work (even if it did, he's not getting mine - I still use it). What are the chances that tracks put down with a TASCAM will work with a Yamaha or Fostex? Beats the shit out of me.

I've done searches here and looked around TASCAM's site, but haven't been able to turn anything up. I'd really appreciate some help.


Yes; there are only two things to consider with cassette based 4 tracks...
#1 Tape speed
#2 Noise reduction type

(DBX encoded tapes wont work well with Dolby)
Make sure you have the same NR type or leave it off during recording.

Dom Franco
We're talking cassette 4 tracks right? As long as they play at the same speed you should be able to use any machines. Some record at 3 3/4 ips (i think) while others are 1 7/8, which is regular cassette deck speed.
Dom...That's good to know about the difference in noise reduction formats. It never occured to me.
You might also suggest to your freind to investigate a Tascam 414 before purchasing a Porta 02. The 414 has EQ capabilities that I don't believe the 02 has and is well worth the extra $90.00
Thanks everybody - I appreciate all the help. I think you're right about trying to talk him into a 414 or something similar, Snowdog. I don't think he would regret spending the extra few bucks either. Now, if he would just answer his phone...

thanks again,