which quality mic?


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i am about to purchase a mid-quality microphone for recording vocals, acoustic/electric guitars. i have read the reviews and this site and i am down to two choices. the audio-technica 4033 or the rode nt2. i have a friend at a store who can get me the nt-2 for about $420 so the price difference isn't the issue. advice from anyone who's used both of these would be outstanding.
That is all subjective. I can't stand the sound of DI...sure it's good, but it lacks a certain quality. Therefore, IMHO, DI is only a good solution if you can't make noise.

I personally don't have any problems getting the sound I'm after with a half-way decent microphone. Besides, it's rare that you would write a song or practice directly with your recording tools (if you're a guitar player, that is). The guitar sounds you come up with are dependant upon the amplifier to a certain extent. Micing the amp is the only way to "truely" reproduce that sound.

And then you have to consider that a decent DI box like a POD which has cabinet emulation is going to run you $300. Hell, save your money for a better amp and a microphone!

Anyway, that just my OPINION. Sorry to ramble off-topic...that's just what I do :)

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Hey Dundy:

I've noticed that many folks talk about micing guitars. If you have a recording set-up, why don't you run your guitar right into an input? The pre-amps in today's digital units are pretty good. If you want better, then run your guitar right into a mic-processor and then into the recording unit. With the use of reverb in mixing, tweaking in mixing, sliders in mixing, you will get a better sound than trying to mic the guitar from your amp. Of course, some amps have a direct in/out plug that by-passes the speaker; thus, you get to use the amp's controls to tweak before you record. Just thought I'd pass this on.

I run several cuts of various instruments via my synthesizer directly into the recorder. However, I do have a good mic for my vocal clients and a pretty good mic-pro.

Hope this info helps,

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I have had nothing but beauty with my 4033. It is a standard. I have heard average feedback about the NT2. Then again it depends on how they sound. I never heard or mixed an NT2 so i don't know. I did a/b a 4033 and the new marshall mic and the 4033 killed it. If you can get that friend to let you try em both out that'd be best.