Which MPC??


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I've really wanted to add an MPC to my setup, and like everything else, I've researched and researched and researched, and just when I decided to go with the MPC1000, I notice there is an MPC Studio coming out? Does anyone know anything about this? It looks like as the renaissance is a hybrid software/hardware situation that this is just pretty much a controller and all the info (samples, settings, whatnot) is stored in your computer. I can see this being good as far as never having to upgrade the MPC itself for more power, but will this pose any disadvantages?? It's only half the price of the renaissance... does anyone know anything about this damn thing????

I almost feel like going with the renaissance, but the 500, 1000, and Ren have all been discontinued!!!
Im not an expert on the subject, but in prtty sure the mpc studio is just a specialsed midi controller for the rens software, i dint think you can store sounds on it like all other mpcs, i think its just a midi controller
The Rens software is reportedly pretty buggy, if this was the route you decided to go maschines prolly the better bet...if youre going for standalone then the 1000 and 2500 are the best bets...the 5000 doesnt run JJOS, the 500s too limited, and the older maschines arent the easiest to get working with modern PCs etc as far as i know