Which microphones does BBC use for podcasting ?!

rob aylestone

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They use a huge number of microphones, and it depends on which studio you are in and which part of the country. The Neumann NCM705 is currently popular. RE20 Ev's can be found in some studios too. AKG414s pop up too, along with the Neumann large mics, like the 87 mentioned. You'll find Beyer dynamic M201s in some studios, especially the local radio and panel game studios.

There is no one stop microphone that's 'the one'. It's also possible to swap a mic for one that flatters a presenters voice or removes problems. Normally, the kit is matched to the studio. Some are silent boxes and well treated so you can work the mic at a more than normal distance, while other studios are full of people and kit, so a more focussed mic is required. You won't find a single answer to this one. The Neumann radio mic is small, and well designed for booms and anglepoises 87's are heavy beasts so need different support systems.