which bass?


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I am getting ready to buy a bass for direct studio recording. My budget is only 275$. Any ideas on a good bass for rock/funk music in my price range?
i would suggest saving a little bit more and buying a fender standard p bass. they go for $400-500. if you don't want to wait, check out musicians friend online or roxy music. they have to ship it to you but they have great deals, epecially in used instruments.
u could get a used standard p bass or maybe a washburn for maybe that much but mot likely a little more...in addition to musician's friend, etc...look in pawn shops and the Trading Post...sometimes u get a deal where the people selling don't quite know what they've got LOL
but try to stay at $200 or above...if the bass you get doesn't have the sound you want but it FEELS good, then perpaps try replacing the pickups...Bartolini pickups are really good pickups but a little pricy...