where does Cool Edit Pro store its scripts


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this is the third time now I've compiled a delicious suite of special scripts for batch files and such--and then lost everything because I had to re-install windoze.

have even tried installing CEP to a separate hard drive--but the personal files must still be stored to the boot drive. so aggravating not to be able to back up these scripts I've worked so hard to record.

any cloos, oh ye maestros? (using Cool Edit Pro version 2.0 [2095.0].

thanx for the width,
It's measured in decades since I used Cooledit 2 and I don't even have an old copy lying around to check.

Now that it's Adobe Audition, I can tell you that the preferences file for that is at c:\Users\[username]\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Audition\5.0

Clearly this won't be right for you but perhaps a bit of searching for something similar but with Syntrillium or CoolEdit instead of the Adobe specific files might help. Sorry I can be more specific.