where do I start?


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I have a limited budget for building a studio and I want to avoid making mistakes. I have already decided that recording right to a PC Hard Drive is how I want to go, but don't know where else to focus for my next equipment acquisition. I have (2) mics and stands, a decent playback amplifier and a good guitar and bass. No mixer (yet). I have to build as I go, working in tiny, logical steps. What do you suggest I do next?
If you already have something like a Soundblaster soundcard, go to the Cakewalk website and download a demo of Pro Audio 9. Then go to the homepage of this website and check out all the info listed pertaining to what you want to do. Then come back to this website when you have more questions, grasshopper.

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Don't feel like a dino...I just brought my Fostex 8 reel into where I set up my new ART dual mp. Analog is great as far as I'm concerned. All the great stuff from the past many years has been done on analog. Now that everone is going digital, they are still trying to get the analog sound. I don't know why I'm telling you, Dom. Just don't be feelin' like a dinosaur. Maybe feel Dinah Shore if you can but not dinosaur.
Yeah.... what he said!

Monty has some great suggestions, I don't do computer recording; but that sounds like the way to go.

I originaly started this forum (analog only)because of my frustration in weeding through the other posts about sound cards, mp3's software gripes etc.

I am a Dinosaur, I'd much rather twiddle a potentiometer than click a mouse. I love the improvements that Digital technology has given us. So I opted for a standalone Hard disk 8 track (Fostex) and an ADAT Tape machine, Good old Mackie and Beheringer mixers. and A stand alone CD Audio recorder.

Good luck with your computer recording!

Dom Franco
Right behind you Dom Franco. having spent much dollars on my anal-log gear over the years, and just recently started pc based recording, I find I just love playing with knobs,buttons,switches,doo-hickeys and the like! Pc based recording is cool, but since
i was a kid growing up in Harlem watching my
father make home recordings on his old sony
4 trak reel-to-reel and how he would tweak the bass and twak the treble and twimble the volume, I knew this is what i wanted 2 do!
LOMG LIVE ANALOG amd may it peacefully co-exist with my DAW! :)