when I was alive


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Mix4 on headphones is nice and clear. Almost too light in the bottom. Vocals are spot on for this jam. You've captured the zeitgeist for sure, it really resonates. Top track, great job

Thanks man. The low end was/is a real struggle. Found it really hard to get a balance between the bass, the kick mic and the kick in the overheads. All kinds of weird phasing stuff on with the kick I couldn't quite sort out - whenever I brought the level of the kick mic up it would start to hollow out and drown the bass. There was also lots of bass bleeding into the overheads. I tried all my normal tricks like eq notches and bumps in kick and bass and flip phase and the like but it wouldn't budge. Lots of mistakes and stuff I would normally fix and the tempo is goofy at times, but the best part of this was recording the base tracks live with my kid, no click, no stress, just jamming and I don't want to edit that out :-)


When I was alive

06-21-2020 mix four
When i was alive (m4) by Hotel Limbo | Free Listening on SoundCloud

06-14-2020 mix one
When i was alive (m1) by Hotel Limbo | Free Listening on SoundCloud

When I was Alive
06-20-2020 mix two
When I was alive (m3) by Hotel Limbo | Free Listening on SoundCloud

This is an old one of mine from the vault my son and I re-did during quarantine. He played bass, rhythm, crunchy guitars and editing. I did acoustic, vocals, drums, rhythm, synths and lead guit. We played drums and bass together while I hummed the song. Then we overdubbed everything else. I sang it end to end while playing acoustic, then mixed. This was a whole ton of fun to do, I probably wrote this song 25 years agoGAK!

Youtube here for laughs.

nice .... must have been fun doing that with your son.