When 13 is a lucky number...


Reel deep thoughts...
13 is a lucky number when it’s the number open reel tape machines (plus some other gear) you bring home for the price of the gas you burned to go pick them up...and your car gets 44mpg...

I brought this home for free:



The machines are in various states of operation and condition.

Akai X-150D
Ampex 960
Tascam 32 (three of them)
Tascam 38
Teac 7030SL (two of them)
Teac 80-8
Teac A-1200U
Teac A-4010SL
Teac A-4010GSL
Teac X-10R


Cosmic Cowboy
:eek:...you crazy! ;)

I thought the idea was to thin out the old gear...make room for the good stuff for that studio you're planning.

What are you going to do with all that stuff?
The guy you got it from is probably celebrating today... that some guy came by and hauled away his scrap metal and electronics! :)

Me...I'm looking forward to my studio build out (I got my variance, in case you missed that in my studio build thread)...because when they start, there will be one of those 30' dumpsters for all the construction/demolition scrap, and into that dumpster I plan on tossing out a lot of house "stuff" that I have no use for, including some old, useless audio gear...and that will probably include my old Tascam M3500 console. :(
I may try one more time to unload it...see if someone local will come get it for a couple hundred bucks...but I just don't want any more old crap piling up if I'm not using it.
I know you like to tinker with that stuff...but man, you could spend the next 10 years going through that pile. :D
Stay with your studio plan...don't hoard! ;)

Here you go....you can grab 30 in one bunch!

LOT of 30 Tube Reel to Reel Recorder Players ~ . 10 Ampex & 20 Tandberg | eBay

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Cosmic Cowboy
Just out of curiosity...why did this guy have so many decks like that? Was it leftover from a tech/repair guy...or was he just another old gear hoarder?
I'm guilty of clinging to older gear too...just like you also. :)

I was only teasing you a bit in my last post...knowing that you like messing with this kind of gear. :D

Anyway...with your repair/rebuild skills, I'm sure you can turn a nice profit on a few of these decks, considering that there is a demand for these older, prosumer machines with a lot of the home rec crowd who wants a more minimal analog/tape rig to add to their computer recording.

When you go through all of it...post back how it all shapes up.


Reel deep thoughts...
The guy I got the pile from was a benevolent 40-year retired veteran from the broadcast industry...clearing out “someday” projects. Right place at the right time.


Reel deep thoughts...
11 of 13 of the tape machines have found new homes. I think I made $700 so far. I let them all go quick for cheap. Feels good to give somebody a really good deal knowing they intend to fix the machines up, and it’s all gravy to me. I didn’t mention there was also a pile of miscellaneous gear in the haul...including what looks like a NOS signal electronics rack for a Teac 70-8:


A cassette deck is in there I think...A set of solid state record/play amps for some consumer Teac tape machine...a nice Bittree long-frame TRS patchbay...pile of Belkin hookup wire...there’s some other stuff.

The two tape machines that are left are the Teac A-1200U, and the Akai X-150D. Both are in nice cosmetic shape...the Teac seems to be rarin’ to go but needs a capstan belt...


The Akai? I think it’s a runner...this machine keeps talking to me. The wood case is even in nice shape...it’s all there: