What's wrong with this picture..?

It is not fixed, John has to be removed, he does not play with the stones.
Well actually he doesn't anymore, but he did...Here's the video of the concert where the B&W photo was taken He was lonely so he went and jammed with the Rolling Stones to get cheered up...

Annnd the answer izzz... The tape is right side up. I say this because about 99.9% of the time I see this yellow tape in a news story, or around town, it's "normally" upside down. Like this :

Netflix is their only income apart from Harpo. Banging on about racism and inequality in the US whilst being a billionaire. Plenty of poor white people in the world as well Oprah?
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There was no racism against Megan Markle, she never identified as black until it suited her means. Slimy devious witch. He is under her evil spell. Nobody in UK cares
Only white people are racist. We are all evil. Slave traders. My ancestors were poor miners but we are all responsible for the higher class slave traders. Now we have the elite left wing black middle class polititions that tell us how evil we are for the sins of the people we had no connection with.