What's up forum!


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I haven’t posted to this forum in a long time and just wanted to know how everyone was doing here? There was a time when I was just learning how to use a daw and spent a great deal of time asking questions about production techniques and how to do something from people on this forum. I took a look around see that there are a few people hanging from time to time and just wanted to say hi. Now a days I’m doing trap music in various forms and running a YouTube channel called Ast3rix music check me out... I’m currently working on my music theory by walking through the exotic scales. I know but music theory doesn’t have to be boring...

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Sites like this, futureproducers & illmuzik have survived longer than social media outlets which is why I give them tremendous respect.
I'm going to try to help REVIVE this forum.

I just need to carve out some time from my schedule to help invigorate this forum.

I am sure that, with the help of some other members, we can put some more energy and content into this wonderful forum.


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