What's the most you'd pay to see a currently living artist?

Whats the most you'd pay to see a living legend up close and personal paying live?

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For many years, Tommy used to do events called TommyFest at a high school Performing Arts Center in a town 50 miles south of me. 3 nights of concerts, and 2 or 3 days of masterclasses. This is a town of about 25-30000, not some big city. The Thursday night concert might have 250 or so people.

I got to talk with him a bit after a couple of shows, and he was a genuinely nice person. He wanted to know if you enjoyed the show, and was accommodating to the folks that wanted pictures and autographs. He always brought along some great players, folks like John Knowles and Frank Vignola, or up and coming artists like Joe Robinson and Jackie Bristow.

He's a great entertainer and a fabulous guitar player.