What's the latest version that is not subscription based?


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I have been using a legal copy of Adobe Audition version 2.0 for several years. I know my way around the software quite well and I really enjoy it.

I have just built a new i7 based studio computer with 64 bit Windows 7. I can easily install the AA version 2.0 that I have lying here, but it is not 64 bit software. I want to upgrade, but I do not want to get into paying the monthly subscription fees for Creative Cloud for the rest of eternity. (It's just a small home studio where I record friends and local musicians once every few weeks or so.) I also never allow my studio computer to connect to the Internet, so daily startup would be a hurdle with that version. I just want to buy a full copy of some higher version and then be left alone off line.

Any advice on which version would be best for me and where to find it? I do understand that Adobe doesn't sell old versions anymore and that I may have to buy it pre-owned from eBay or something.
CS6 is the latest you can buy outright.

However, they've announced that there will be no further development so if there are big changes in the next operating system or something, you might end up stuck. (That said, I'm still running Audition 3.0 quite happily on Win 7 64 bit so it tends to be fairly resilient.

FYI, you can't simply download CS6 from their site anymore...to get it you have to phone the local Adobe customer service number so the can explain to you about the "no more development".

That said, unless you want to run it on a Mac, my suggestion of the "best version" is Audition 3.0. it'll feel more familiar after 2.0 and has some features that didn't make it back into the mix for CS5.5 or CS6 after the total re-write for Mac compatibility.
Thanks, Bobbsy.

I just won Audition 3.0 on eBay for $52. I did install the trial version a few days ago and I really like the new features. The Effects Paintbrush and Healing Brush seem pretty cool. I've already done editing in Spectral Frequency View before, but those tools will make it faster and easier. I also see a few new effects such as pitch correction that may be useful. And the CD burning utility never worked on my version 2. (It did work on my older version 1.5) Looking forward to using that once again.

I hope it is 64 bit. Not a big problem if it is not. I just kind of wanted to move toward the 21st century like everyone else. Besides, when I record live bands in multitrack, some of those files can get pretty big and unwieldy. Applying any sort of processing used to take a while on my 32 bit version 2.0. Having built a faster computer will help too, I'm sure.
CS6 is the last 32 bit software they did. They went to 64 bit with the change to the subscription based Audition CC. I have to say there's not a huge different in speed on most things...but processor intensive stuff IS noticeably faster/better. It's too bad about the subscription thing...I've bit the bullet and gone that route because Audition CC is definitely better...but the pricing is a bit insane compared to the permanent purchase even if you bought every update.