whats the catch on these mics? why are they so cheap?


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That page seems to be full of good prices. I would definitely want to check out the reputation of the company before sending money, because it seems a bit "too good."


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This is funny. All the feedbacks were left yesterday and now half of the "sellers" are no longer registered users! lol.
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And the "buy it now "buyer who had better to pay it fastly ,when the item was ended .please send the payment to my paypal account ! !

I for want to be getting more lucky deluxe penis pills too with every fastly paid order. ! Makes happy family times! .


You suppose he has the Divinci Code on DVD now... 6 months before the studio even puts it out? Surprising the production was really bad on that movie. They couldn't hold the camera still and people kept standing up and walking by in the middle of shooting. Good old China Town boot leg goods. Great for a laugh.

What is really sweet is that all the folks who left him feedback and are still registered have nothing but Gucci purses and Chanel sun glasses for sale at well below real market prices.


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Also, he received the exact same feedback as he gave to someone else:

A+++++ buyeR!!! Fast response and prompt payment!!! Recommended

including the 5 +'s, the capital R and the 3 !!!'s. That's some nice copy and pasting he's got going on there.

Anyone report the guy yet?


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Obviously a scam... I noticed this guy before when I was looking for a SM58, he has them posted all over ebay... I decided to stay away, glad I did... It isnt just one user name either, this guy has tens, maybe hundreds of random seller names, like "fhjaisf" and "fviayef"... what the fuck? Yeah, a scam...


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I did find it odd that it was ending the same day I looked at it. The prices were a bit too low to be true. It would have been nice to buy at that price and then resell them. I noticed the link to the store went off site. which is why I had questions about it.


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Its absolute Arse gravy, Check out this comment

"Absolutely Perfect! You won't find a better customer"

What a tool!


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Nothing says "scam" like ten feedback points all given within a ten minute period, all from user names that appear to be randomly generated.

Here's a proposal: eBay should automatically exclude feedback from private auctions and should not allow feedback to be submitted within the first 72 hours of creating an account. Couple that with requiring a unique email address for every account, and you pretty much should eliminate clowns like this.

*sigh* But then I've always had the suspicion that eBay's "commitment" to protecting its users is little more than words on paper....