What The H*ll...A Drummer Joke...


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A guy walks into a bar and is greeted by the doorman. The doorman explains that the bar wants people to have the opportunity to converse with other like-minded people. The doorman says that in furthurance of this goal, they have several rooms, with a suggested IQ range posted above the door to each room.

The guy walks down to the first room, which is marked "IQ 120+". Inside, he hears a group discussing advanced physics, black holes, and similar topics.

He goes down to the next room, which is marked "IQ 100 - 120". The group in this room is discussing economics and the running of large corporations.

The next room is marked "IQ 80 - 100", and the guy hears the people in the room talking about plumbing, carpentry, and auto mechanics.

When he reaches the last room, marked "IQ < 80", he notices two guys just sitting there, saying nothing. As he stands in the door, one of the guys in the room looks up and him and asks, "So, dude, what size sticks do you use?"