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I’ve not been posting as much recently, though I’ve been lurking...lots of posts and threads with questions and issues I’d like to chime and help with but I’ve got a lot going on, so my apologies for not being much of a help lately.

My day job has been very time consuming lately, plus we’ve got a baby on the way and have a lot to do to prepare the household...in a lot of ways we’ve been so busy since we moved here a couple years ago, so converting one of the three bedrooms to a nursery involves several layers of work. But relative to this forum one of those layers that is getting touched on is insulating, heating and finishing our detached 24 x 24 garage to repurpose it from chaotic storage to a rec room for a 100-year-old pool table (that’s been in my family since my Dad was a young boy), exercise equipment, and music/recording instruments and equipment. This will clear out the bedroom in the house that’s currently housing the Tascam M-__ and one of my drum kits, along with some equipment racks, etc...and unite that all with Ampex MM-1000 among other stuff. Anyway...nothing like killing about five birds with one stone.

The new windows are installed in the garage, and we’re almost done with the tear-out of all the janky built-in shelves and work benches...next I need to improve the roof and eave venting, do some electrical work, then we’ll have somebody come in to insulate, put up the sheetrock, and seal and finish the concrete floor.

This picture is like a search-and-find; if you look hard you can see the Ampex MM-1000 and some Tascam 58s:



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Damn. Got your hands full.
I did spot in the pic a tanning bed, could be useful with lack of sunlight in the PNW. But knowing you, you've probably turned it into a teleportation machine.


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I would kill for a 24' x 24' garage, with the high roof like that.
It would be all studio. :D
Of course...I don't have those kinds of family requirements, so I can be a little more selfish. ;)

Good luck on your new project. :thumbs up:


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[MENTION=185883]RFR[/MENTION]: that tanning bed is currently for sale...doesn’t get used and is a bit scary...hope to have it gone soon!
[MENTION=180572]bachelorb[/MENTION]: LOL! :D
[MENTION=94267]miroslav[/MENTION]: yeah we’ll not be leaving the ceiling open to the roof...sheetrock will be going up on the joists, but it *is* about a 9’ ceiling which will be nice...and the 24 x 24 space should provide adequate room for everything with plenty of room to move around. For the first time I’ll be able to position racks and mixer jack panels away from the wall so I can easily access them. I’m used to having to cram stuff into corners and right up to walls and either climb over stuff or otherwise be a contortionist every time I’ve got to change things.


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[MENTION=185883]RFR[/MENTION]: that tanning bed is currently for sale...doesn’t get used and is a bit scary...hope to have it gone soon!

The only thing a tanning booth is good for is aging guitar finishes. :D

On a real lacquer finish done with analine dyes, a little UV goes a long way to making the colors look 50 years old.

Nice space. May it serve you well for some time ti come.


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I have an issue going on right now I was hoping you would see but you know...
I've learned so much from reading your comments (About the Tascam 388 and Tascam M-50) That I'm grateful just to have read those.

Been a lurker here for many years but just joined yesterday because of the awesome people here.
Well that and because I have no answer for my problem :laughings: