What mm Shock Mount do I need for my Blue Yeti Studio Mic ??


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Question is the title lol

Any help would be greatly appreciated !!


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Well, OK. I assume you don't have a tape measure? Your snag of course is that they are not built for a normal shock mount because of the knobs. Most of the common ones allow you to open the mount, slid the mic in and release, so the diameter of the tube is normally in the 80-100mm range. Trouble is the only place to stick it into is the tapered section at the bottom, and I suspect it will fit very poorly, and certainly will wiggle out due to the taper. They're not designed to use anything other than what they come with, I'm afraid.
Ok. I’ve come across a certain SM online where it’s specifically for this mic. However, it only illustrates this with the mic upside down. In order to use the mic with a stand etc to record vocals, will I have to use it upside down ?

Thanks for the reply & info.