What looks to be a new PZM company!

I e-mailed the company and I recieved an e-mail back saying that yes it is a PZM and that it was originally built because he could not get Crowns in Europe. In fact, he likes his better because of the high-end. The price costs $250 U.S. for two, plus the power supply.
I'd worry about buying a mic internationally from some guy whose only hope of staying in business is that Crown doesn't shut him down because of their patents.
Maybe, it's just I like to give everyone a chance; I 'll always try and compare. I don't like to judge; I have too many faults myself. By the way, they're in the mail without me sending anything but my mailing address so I can test them out. If I don't like them, I send them back. If I like them, then I send the money. How many people are that trusting in America? Talk about a culture difference.
Hey, I'm like that too...but it would just worry me. I wasn't really judging him but the situation. You can't fault that kind of customer service though!
I hope you didn't my response the way it could have been taken. And no, I didn't take your response the way it could have been taken. It's nice to know someone's watching out. I sure do appreciate it and that's why I love this site; to share experiences so that others may learn from yours.