What is this component on top of my VU?


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Hey everyone! Thanks for looking at my post!

I'm working on my console (MCI JH416) and I'm looking at the VU's and most of them have this green component glued on top. There are three wires coming out of it (Red Green Yellow) and none of them are connected to anything. There is also a screw pot, but I'm not sure what to do with these.

Thanks again, I'm sure I'll have more questions soon :)
Not positive why it's there but I would guess it would be used as a voltage divider to adjust a supply or control voltage for calibration of some bit or other. With it not being connected to something it would be tough to guess.
That's a multi-turn trimpot. Probably left over from some calibration mod?

It is indeed a multi-turn potentiometer used for fine adjustment of calibration. I used to have a bag full as I had two mates that worked for Painton Electronics 50 yrs ago. I also had sheds of relays and 1,000s of hi-stab resistors. This stuff was chucked when it did not meet Mil-Spec (but good enough for Rock n Roll!)

I had another pal who's firm had the contract to service the headphone amps at all the Northamptonshire hospitals. Each one had 4X KT66 and fks how many triodes! All valves were replaced annually and I got them as spares.

Painton are great quality. I like their special faders too. Pretty much unobtanium, this side of the pond.