What is the best app for guitar audio -> midi


What is the technology status these days of taking a WAV file of recorded guitar (no other instruments) and converting it to midi? Is this a solved problem and any midi transcriber should do? Or do some do this really well and others do not? Is the midi converter robust to FX (delay, reverb, pedals, etc.)?

What if now there were a few instruments? Surely that is more challenging and hard to get right? Or are there converters that can still accomplish this with high accuracy?

Lastly, are there any (guitar) audio -> midi converters out there that support bulk conversion? E.g. supply a folder (maybe with 50-100 audio files) and it will convert all of the files to midi? I don't want to have to click 100 buttons if I don't have to :).

I am willing to buy the tool if it is highly accurate.

Thanks in advance!

rob aylestone

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Fl studio and Ableton both have pretty good audio to midi conversion, but my experience is that you still end up fixing some wrong notes and strange passing notes that get created. A few years back it was impossible, but now it's much better - however, it is NOT a batch process that just does it. Guitars produce more harmonics if you edge pick, or thumb 'twang' on harmonically related notes and you have to fix these manually, so while you could probably if you were clever use a macro to automate the process, you'd then have 100 files to manually fix. Reverb and processing messes up accuracy. Dry and clean is always quicker to edit. Guitars often have things that don't convert well so each track will be different. It's brilliant compared to a few years back but it is not an automatic process ...... yet. They other thing is that timing sometimes goes wrong if the player is a bit loose. Music played to a click works best. Free flow tempo worst.