What is missing from my studio that is important?

All natural gas lines in the US are underground, just like water. Power (and phone and cable) in older neighborhoods is above ground poles. Newer neighborhoods have gone to underground utilities.

I'm pretty sure it's natural gas/propane fired motor. As for generating CO2, for emergency purpose, kicking into gear every year or two for a few hours or days, I think the carbon footprint would be minimal. It doesn't run all the time. They pull power from the grid, just like you and I.

I know of 2 people who have installed Generac home generators. They were costly, at about $7-8000 installed, but they don't worry about power outages. No lost food, frozen pipes or flooded basements from dead sump pumps. No fear of ice storms in January. If you have the money, it's peace of mind.

Yes, I agree the CO2 output is minimal but we should I think look for greener solutions now? Solar has come down drastically in price in the last decade.

With regard to generators, several years ago a farmer here invented a system whereby his juice was supplied initially by batteries and an inverter and only if/when the battery voltage dropped to a critical level did his generator kick in. Thus he saved a lot of fuel for short term outages. In these days of processor control such a package should be beer into water to implement?

There are of course two distinct types of 'UPSes' The most common and cheapest simply switch rapidly from line power to battery inverter backup. The second type are 'Continuous Conversion' where incoming mains simply charges the battery and the output is always the inverter. The latter is useful where the supply is very temperamental or/and very dirty.
As well as being more expensive for a given kWhr rating CCs will I think fork the batteries more quickly?

However, in a largish studio situation use might be made of the switching type for most of the gear but the uber clean CC boxes used on 'mission critical' devices? IMHO I would NOT include PCs as critical devices? The power supplies in them are pretty crude SMPSUs.

I bought a house out in the New Hampshire sticks where power outages are not rare. Seems to always be a tree ready to take down lines in heavy snow or wind. We were down four days around Christmas last year. The previous owner had installed a 10 kw propane-fired automatic generator. Lovely thing, runs most of the house. For my main computer and modem/router I have a UPS to cover the 5 second delay while the Generac kicks in.