What is going on with Access Music

I am owning a used Virus TI and found that the oficial Virus Forum is almost dead. Also the infected org shows low activity. Is the Virus no current synth anymore?

Some people complain, that there is no reaction and no software update anymore for more than 2 years now.

Any news?
You kinda answered your own question.
Nothing new to report. Nothing going on.
It's a $2000 box. $3000 with a keyboard.
So sure it sounds really great and sure it has plenty of polyphony but I can sound like Vangelis for WAY less money. I don't know if they've reached market saturation, but I also don't know of anyone that's bought one in several years.
For that same 3 Grand I can get the latest Kurzweil, Korg, or most of Yamaha that just rolled off the line with huge memory, zoning, master keyboard, and endless sounds.
So yeah, it might be kinda dated.
But hey, hard to beat the richness and depth of sound, gotta admit.