What is a good 61 key with realistic acoustic sounds?


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I'm looking to buy a decent 61 keyboard/synth for recording. I really don't need a workstation (I record to Sonar) - but I do need decent "sampled" analog sounds such as - folk instruments (harmonica, fiddle, banjo, etc.) - horns (sax, trumpet, trombone, etc.) and orchestra (string sections, etc.). I don't like having to tweak and would prefer to just call up some good stock sounds. I'm a song writer who "demos" sounds - and I need something I can dial up sounds and hit record. I have piano and organ covered with other synths.

I'm looking to replace a Roland XP30 (it's old and acting up). I like the Roland because it has a lot of good stock sounds and is fairly easy to navigate.

Any suggestions??
All the name brands rock these days......Roland, Yamaha, Korg and Casio all will suffice..... I am a Yamaha MODX owner and it is awesome but it may be out of budget .....It does have an stereo audio interface built in