What glass to use inbetween recording and control room?


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This question has probably been asked a lot on here, but i’ll keep it as short as possible.

What is the best glass to use between the recording room and the control room?
And should it be angled or not?
What glass did you use in your studio?
How thick should the panes be?

Thanks a ton!
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First studios, angled. Later ones not. Audio wise, I couldn't tell if there was a difference, but what stopped me were the reflections from lights and other visible things. Calculating the angle of dangle even on graph paper means a mass of diverging lines when you even do rough sketches. I found that having the lights on in both rooms produced a very messy and distrubing set of reflections. Later ones with parallel glass just gave small double edges on very bright sources with high contrast.

Glass type here in the UK was 6mm float, and for separate sheets, works great. The last one with glass was three standard double glazed panels from the local glass merchant - old stock. They had three identical size ones from a job, unused. I just altered the design to let me use these and they were quite cheap, as for them - they were scrap.


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I have 2 x 6mm glass, they are mounted in separate frames, the wall is twin stud wall. The glass is mounted in neoprene rubber. I did angle both sheets of glass in opposite directions, I don't know if that made any difference?

If there is a band playing in the recording area and I am in the control room, you can barely hear anything. You definitely cannot hear people talking or shouting from one side to the other.