What effect will playing in a tiny room have?


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I'm checking out new apartments to move into. I saw one earlier today that's a great price but it's tiny (the room I'd be playing in is something like 8 ft x 7 ft x 6.5 ft). I play electric guitar and sing with a microphone in the current room I'm in, which is something like 12 ft x 10 ft x 10 ft. My current room is totally rectangular and the new room is mostly rectangular with the exception that about 5 feet of the length of one side of the wall is 1 foot wider than the rest (i.e., making the width for this section 8 ft instead of 7 like the rest). The material for the walls in both rooms is the same. Will playing in the tiny room have a noticeable effect on the sound I get? If so, what kind of effect? Will I even be able to play in such a tiny room and get a decent enough sound or will it just be total feedback chaos?
Also, will treating the room make a big enough difference? If so, will using foam be enough? Or do I need to spend more and get bass traps and the such?

Are you recording ?
Not really no... I record occasionally, but the recordings are just for me. It would be nice to be able to record in that room, but my only concern with this post is simply that I'll be able to play guitar and sing without excessive feedback and without loss in sound quality compared to my current room.
If your walls are not softened, you may get standing waves, which at least would annoy you.
Just moving your head a bit, you could hear the standing waves going in and out of phase.
My music spaces are small, and with all the instruments and recording kit, there is little room to swing a cat.
Wish I had space, but that depends heavily on the lottery results.
Look at the bight side... if you decide you need treatment you won't need a lot :P

Also, I would not invest in a Marshall stack.