What do you think of my singing?


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I've been practicing for some time and I would be really grateful for an honest feedback.

Thanks a lot! :)


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Hey GoCa.....your voice is excellent for the material you picked. It's likely the same for other types of music but the two songs you chose were well done. It sounds like you may have had some vocal training........as your tempo and control are very good. Try a more professional recording and see how it goes. I think you have what it takes to sing professionally if you want to........with a little more experience.


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I agree with Mickster..You sing well...you have a good ear and you're in tune...I did detect nerves ....the way you overcome that is own the song....know it well enough and how you're going to approach it ...rehearse it several times before you press record...It would sound even better with a tad of reverb but your tone and pitch are totally worthy of singing professionally...That's a broad scope term.... from singing at the local pub to a live TV performance at the Grammy's all contingent on being at the right or wrong place at the right or wrong time and dependent on that "luck" you could be performing either place ;) hey maybe both :thumbs up:


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I love it, post more! :D Your voice sounds amazing! What kind of accent is that? If that's okay to ask of course (Where are you from)


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I liked the Mad World! You have nice voice. I was looking for some female singing this song to give my daughter to listen and may be try to sing :)


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you sound AWEsome....couldn't get Luka to open, but "MadWorld" was heartrending...thank you....oh! Luka just started,,, christ you sound like the record!! Delightfull!