what do my computer need to work properly in recording

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Im a newbies in recording. I am planning to record on my computer. By the way my computer is Pentium MMX 200MHZ, 32 RAM, 1GB of free HD space. I learned from Dragon THat 64RaM, 4GB HD free space and a soundcard are needed. And I am planning to upgrade my computer. But before i do it i would like share you one of my experience when i experimented recording in my computer using n track and cool edit. When i played the two tracks together, the recording and playback skipped and hanged. I would like to know what causes it. I assumed that maybe my 32 ram, or my processor, or the computer itself find it difficult because i have lot of programs and softwares in my computer. Is multi programs installed in computer got to do with the skipping. That's all. Hope you can can help me out on this
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Playing 2 tracks by themselves should not be a problem, even for a 200 MHz Pentium with 32 MB of RAM, since that's the same as playing a stereo sound file. And it doesn't matter how many programs you have installed, as long as you don't have other things actually running at the time. I suspect your disk is heavily fragmented though, and running a good defragmenter (even the one built into Windows, though Norton is a lot better) will help a lot.

BTW, you don't need 4 GB free space just to get started. Better you should first have more RAM and a faster processor.
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