What do drummers play when there's a push beat?


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Do drummers play 'through' push beats, e.g. when the bass player plays say an 8th before the next bar, does the drummer play through it? Or does he match the push with his kick? I've recorded song where I've put a lot of pushes in, and I've made it so the drums, bass and keys all play the pushes. I think it now sounds a bit awkward and wondering if it's because the drum track shouldn't do all the pushes; or maybe only one or two here or there.

Here's a song with lots of pushes throughout, 'Spacer' with Nile Rogers playing and producing. But is the drummer just playing straight?
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I find it all a bit haphazard. A disconnect between the vocal line and keyboard part in regards to the bass and drums. Sounds pieced together to me.


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The drummer can push with the other instruments. Or play straight.

It's really a matter of what fits the song. Probably the easiest thing is to just try both and see which works better.

In the song you posted, the drums don't really need to push with the guitar most of the time since the shakers are landing on those same off-beats.
Alternatively, there are a few spots where the drums do push with everything else. e.g. 1:28 before the fill to the chorus.