what connections of mixer to use for live recording


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Next month I have a project at an annual festival. I’m going to be recording some live bands. Last year I only had two channels and I tapped off a sub mix from the main mixer. So really I didn’t do the mixing. I just did the recording. Well there was not much I could do for the mixing. There was some work that could have been done but since it was already mixed there was not much I could do. But this time I have more channels. my question is how do I do this. What would be the signal chain? I have the EMU1820m. Well lets see: T1 rhythm guitar, T2 lead guitar, T3 lead vocal, T4 Bass, T5 keyboard, T6 vocal backup, T7-T8 drums. I guess I wound need a sub mix of the drums. Anyways how do I connect this the mixer. I don’t know what kind of mixer yet since its not my mixer. I don’t know If I can use the inserts as direct outs since out board gear is used and I don’t know if there are 8 sub outs available.


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There is no way to give advice without knowing what the main board is. The best solution is to pull signal from direct outs (if the mixer has any). The drawing from inserts could work but it may not work if the PA needs those.

You will need a sub-mix on the drum kit, unless the live setup only uses two overheads (unlikely).

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Well last time I checked he had some old humongous board with the Soundcraft logo on it. But I don’t think he uses that one for out doors. He uses a smaller Mackie board for out doors. I guess I need to ask him. I just wanted to know what would be the best way to to hook this up since I cant get a hold of him at this time. I just want come up with a plan before this event instead of experimenting on that day.
Well last year I had only two inputs. Over all the recording can out decent but the high hat was way too ear piercing and some of the instruments were too loud or not loud enough. I mean it sounded good live but the recording could have used some remixing


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If you can just phone the guy and get the model # of the mixer you can look all the specs up at the Mackie site . If it's a 1604 model they have 8 direct outs plus 4 subs and your mains . You can tap the 16 inserts for direct outs also but use mono jacks and only insert half way or it will interrupt the main output and Aux Sends if that's needed for the PA or monitors . The only thing with using the inserts is it's all pre EQ and Low Cut but you can deal with that later .