What are your greatest songs (covers) to play on acoustic guitars for your own fun ?


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Hi guys,

I know it's a Forum on electric guitars, but for those of you who are also into playing acoustic guitars, let me repeat this "thread" that I originally posted on the "acoustic guitars" forum :

Hey !

Some songs we play on our acoustic guitars give us the thrills when we strum or pick theirs chords. Sometimes it's the song itself (the magic of song composing), but other times it's the sound the chords produce and the way they feed each other, the resonnance, the finger work on the neck, the alternate tunings yielding refreshing new sonic possibilities. And also...the acoustic guitar arrangment we do of an electric guitar song.

For example, and I've mentionned this in another thread, for me playing "Hope" from Rush is a blast not only for what my fingers do but mostly for the beauty of the sounds produced (great alternate tuning producing the sound of a 12 string)

Other songs that comes to my memory right now:

"Hole hearted"(Extreme), "Kashmir", "Friends", "Gallows pole", "No quarter" & "Rain song"(Led Zep), "The tress" & "Natural science"(Rush), "Little wing"(Hendrix), "Old man", "Cortez the killer"(Neil young), "Train kept a rollin"(Aerosmith).....and I forget many more right now.

Anyway, it would be very interesting to read about your own.....(and please spare us the eternal "Me I dont play covers, I love/play my own songs, etc...")


You should carry on and post this thread in all the other boards as well. Some body is bound to reply eventually.


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I enjoy playing Steady Rollin Man, Call Me The Breeze and a lot of my own tunes. And yes, around a good campfire. Playing acoustic keeps my overall playing skills sharp. If a guy can tear it up and play well acoustically, he can do well with an electric. The opposite is usually not true. I know guys who absolutely can not play acoustic guitar, although they are quite good at electric. I'm usually a big hit at the campfires. It sure is fun, and people will get my beer for me, and i just keep playing.


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Pretty much anything my brother and I used to play together. basically anything off of Killswitch Engage's As Daylight Dies album, and Bloodmeat and Heretics and Killers by Protest the Hero. Plus some All That remains, but very few, lol. Super fun stuff. Basically anything where I'm not just strumming the whole time.


I enjoy relaxing play through Animal (fuck like a beast) by WASP.. The acoustic really brings out the nuances in that one.


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Since the acoustic forum is about to be put to death, I'll reply here...

I love playing acoustic covers, it's probably 80% of what I play when I'm at home. There's no telling how many songs are my favorites, but what I've been playing lately:

- Semi Suite - Tom Waits
- Fumblin' With The Blues - Tom Waits
- Lonely Avenue - Ray Charles
- Enchanting Ghost - Sufjan Stevens
- The Wild Hunt - The Tallest Man On Earth (although rarely because CFCFCF tuning is a huge pain in the ass)
- Blow Wind Blow - Tom Waits
- Shankill Butchers - The Decemberists
- Ten Years Gone - Zep

I'm living alone now so playing and singing when nobody is around to hear it is kind of liberating. I can wail along all out of tune and not worry about it. It just feels good to play and sing songs I love.