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Here is a new song that I wrote when my daughter moved off to college. It's called "Along your Way". The was recorded and mixed in 3 different studios. How does it sound?

Along Your Way by Tom Paul | Free Listening on SoundCloud

A great original song that I thoroughly enjoyed, and very well performed. I love the idea of a father passing on his blessing and his everyday wisdom to a child beginning to cut loose, with optimism as well as a wistful sadness about an amicable but inevitable 'parting of the way'. It's the common lot of all parents, and I've been through myself. I thought the production was excellent, the instrument balance generally very good, but the first appearance of the brass sounded a little 'underneath' the mix, which wasn't the case when it appears next time., when it was more 'present'. As a bass guitarist liking a bit of Fender 'grunt' I found the bass line sounded a bit odd to my taste. It seemed to me to lack the 'gritty' attack that I prefer, and to - just maybe - sustaining a little too long, perhaps slightly 'getting in the way'. Was it a bass guitar or a synth / bass emulation? It also seemed to have a sort 'springy bounce' to it, but if that's what you like, then fair enough, don't change a thing!

All in all, your daughter should be delighted with this song especially made for her. I hope you post more of your music. I mean my comments to be constructive, and I find little or nothing in this song that grates with me

Duncan, UK
I just discovered that to have the embedded music player show up after attaching your MP3 (and letting it upload), you must click on the Insert button in the MP3 attachment.

The embedded player, once it has the focus, allows downloads (right-click/context menu) of the original MP3, which the Attachment icon does not seem to do. (Note, this "Insert" button also applies to images, which is where you can specify thumbnail or full size!)

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