"Welcome to 1979" (ANALOG TAPE) Recording Studio in Nashville.


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I attended a 3 day Recording Workshop "Summit" last November in Nashville at the "Welcome to 1979" Recording Studio.
It was really great and Chris and Yoli Mara, the owners, were excellent hosts.

The Panelists included people who have worked with Led Zepplin, R.E.M. War, Allison Krauss, Willie Nelson, Tammy Wynette, Lyle Lovett, Tina Turner, Kings of Leon, Rod Stewart, Kevin Eubanks, Steve Earle and others.

They work almost entirely with Analog Tape and sell Analog Multi-Track Tape machines as well.
In fact, they just had a 3 day "Tape Camp" workshop in Nashville and have 2 more tentatively planned for 2012.

Here is the link! www.welcometo1979.com


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Wow thats awesome... I wonder if they still do analogue recordings now... Thier site looks awesome :)


I’ll be attending the February Tape Camp!! So excited!! I’ll post a report when I’m back from that!


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Amazing !

Old school always the best !!!
I've got an old VHS recorder, lots of VHS tapes, and even a 27" Sony CRT TV I'll sell you. Definitely "old school". Who wants that digitally manipulated video stuff anyway. It's too crisp and clean looking. You can even go "lo-fi" by recording at the 6 hour speed!