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This is probably not quite the right forum, but I want to buy a webcam to communicate during this lockdown, but all the ones I look at say "Noise-reduction microphone" or Noise-cancelling microphone." I don't want this, I just want pure unlimited uncompressed sound. My question is either are there any webcams out there without noise-cancellation, or if not, is it possible to turn the noise-cancellation off?


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Noise cancelling is needed when your mic is picking up the sound from your speakers. If you use a headphones or a close mic you don't need noise cancelling.

In Zoom video conferencing software (and probably Skype, OBS etc.) you can choose your audio device, so if you have an interface you can use that instead of the built in mic on the webcam. I use an old M-Audio Mobile Pre USB and a Shure PG57. It sounds way better than any computer mic.
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