WEb sites that have free drum loops (.WAV)


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Hi all..

Can anyone post some links, to some web sites that have free drum loops?
I'm just looking for some simple common beats for some new songs that I'm writing. In .wav file format so I can import them into Cakewalk.

I have a using a really checp simple midi keyboard controller
(yamaha shs-200) , and it is easier for me to import drum loop .wav files, then running drum machines or manully using a VST...
Thanks again, for the help.

HappyGuy :)
I don't know many people who would go to the trouble of making good recordings of a good drummer on a nice kit, chop them up into nice little loops, and give them away for free. I'm sure there's someone out there, but I couldn't find him.

I purchased some of the Beta Monkey discs, and found them to be good loops at a good price. There are samples on the site.
Yo, y'all:

Make sure you check out UK Session Drummers Online at http://www.sessiondrummer.co.uk/ for some excellent basic beats. The loops are good, basic meat and potato type .wav files that are well-recorded in a drum booth and "dry" (which allows you to add your own effects to taste). You don't usually find stuff this good for free.

Best regards to all,

Tio Ed