"Warm Like A Gun" - funk/rock/synth fusion

Release it ! If you had promoted and released this in the 90's I believe you would still be going to the mailbox for your royalty checks. Superb synth and guitar work. Fantastic vocals. I loved the delay/reverb treatment on everything. Great song .. mark


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I am still getting "not available" on both these links. I don't know why. I can play other soundcloud songa,


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I love the tune. The performances are great all the way around. Great use of reverb and delay. It is saturated but it works. The guitar solo sat in the mix perfectly and sounded amazing. The whole recording is killer!
My only nit with this, and it is an easy fix, is the S's on the vocals need taming. They are very hot, and sound like "s" artifacts from heavy compression. It stands out in the mix distracts the listener.

If you De'ess the vocal I think it will be a perfect mix
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I was gonna say pretty much the same thing as Jimistone above regarding the de-essing.

The only nit I have is the snare sound. The noise snare works nicely in the intro, but I didn't like hearing it throughout the whole song. It just started to get a little lost to me and sounded almost a little annoying, IMO. I would have rather heard a more traditional snare (still could be electronic, but more of an actual snare sound instead of a splash of white noise) once the song really kicked in I guess.

Other than that, very nicely done all around.