Wake up Logic guys!! Logic 8

It's not even 6:30 in the morning yet.

Whats this... Morning woo... No, it's logic 8.

And they threw in soundtrack pro? Must buy.
You want to pay more?

Yeah, it's a shame that logic is no longer a $999.99 application.

But then again I think it will improve the ecosystem for mac audio in the long run.

This should be pretty compelling for new users given all the included content.

In the long run I think Apple wants to sell more hardware. And this is a pretty damn good way to do it.
The other thing folks are talking about is that it comes with an AC3 encoder for surround sound mixing. A $1000 value in digidesign land...
hahaha NICE!

What a suprise about digidesign *rolls eyes* You have to pay buttloads for anything with those guys...such a thing of the past.
So lets see, I just got a refurb 17" inch 2.0ghz c2d imac with 2 gb of ram, an amt8, an old unitor8 plugged into the amt8, a logic control unit, an audiofire 12 on the way, logic 7.2.3...

And this is announced.

Damn its tempting...

So tempting...

if you just bought logic you can get an upgrade I believe for 10 bucks.
if I just got logic. I actually just got the imac and the audiofire that's arriving today. The rest of the stuff I've had around for a while...

(I looked at my first logic box, it's got a ver. 2.5 sticker on it. I won't count the later purchased creator/notator/logic 1 atari dongle/disks...)
Installed it yesterday, but had a gig, so have not had a chance to eplore. Just started with Express recently, so this looks like it will be easier to learn the intricacies of.

Nice to have a consice manual for reference.

Took a while to install. Had to update the OS to th elatest version, Quicktime, etc.

About 3 hours total.

Going to play with it today before band practice.
Yep, couldn't resist. Drove down to tualatin and picked it up. Just think, someday when I've finished installing everything I might even make some music with this.
I got mine in the mail today :) I'm in the process of installing it. on my g5...allready tried it on my MBP... LOOOOKS like we have an unadvertized HUUUUUUUGE feature. Go to the AU browser. . . . . What is new....there are new Node buttons on all the plugs.. looks like you can use 3rd party plugs for nodes now... That makes a world of difference for me.. you used to only be able to use the built in logic plugs for nodes.