VST Reverbs vs Lexicon MPX 550

From time to time I jam online using Ninjam. I have the dilemma of whether to make a mix of my drums on my analog desk and just record a stereo mix, or to record 8 separate channels and mixing them in realtime in Reaper. There a a few requirements for the latter:
1) I must use low enough latency buffer setting to be able to monitor the whole thing. (no problem exept for a decent reverb)
2) I only have 8 inputs
3) VST reverbs generally suck compared to my Lexicon MPX 550, which isn't even a high-end piece of gear.

Unfortunately I don't have a lot of patience anymore fiddling with DAW's. I prefer to set and forget, and I prefer hardware gear.
I've gone through all free VST reverbs I could find, and none of them come close to even this cheap Lexicon, and some work poorly at low buffersettings. The best reverb I got was making an IR from the MPX550, but that doesn't not work at low latencies either.
I've been looking at Lexicons MPX Native Reverb plug-in. Maybe it's worth a try.
Any ideas?
Not sure if VST Reverb & Low Latency are friends to be honest... it's always going to require "some" processing time by the vary nature of "Reverb". Not sure why you'd think that Lexicon's VST would be any different from the 1000's of other free VST Reverbs you've already tried though.
I really like the amp sim reverbs in my Fender Collection, but I needed something a bit more subtle for a couple tracks so I used Reaper's ReaVerb IR Reverb Generator setting. You can massage that into just about anything.
Some years back, I caught all the Bricasti M7 IRs that Bricasti had posted. Unfortunately, they were long gone from the site, although I THINK you can find them on the internet Wayback machine. They work great in ReaVerb.

I don't worry about latency on Reaper, I track without any add ons and just use direct monitoring.
Thanks for your replies!
I think we can conclude that the best ITB reverbs are IR's.

@Ujn Hunter I didn't think the Lexicon bundle would be different in terms of latency, but perhaps in terms of the sound I'm after.

The thing with online close-to-realtime collaborations is that it requires monitoring through the actual software, so that's why I'm hung up on that. I have my analog gear so I can forget about all that for all other purposes.
I've been looking at JoeCo BlackBox. That thing would be ideal to just have sitting in the rack quitly recording all the channels I need without having to worry about anything. It is a bit pricey for just playing around though.