VST 3.65 Audio Problem.


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Ok, I’ve just installed VST 3.65 and every thing was great till I ran the test on the soundcard (AWE 64 Gold). It did not seem to recognise my audio in/out ports. Is this cause Cakewalk Pro 7 in still on the hard drive and my audio ports are still associated with that software ? If so how do I associate my audio ports with VST ? I remember various messages, like “no audio engine” also “check port settings” “ card may not be full duplex” ( which I know it is )
Thanks in advance
Alan :)
Hi Alan,

I think you have to setup mme for the AWE64. In otherwords, don't use anything that refers to ASIO. In the steinburg folder there should be a program called setupmme. Give that a shot and also, I was on Steinberg's site - it has a topic about setting up the AWE64 and VST, but it is a dead link, you may want to email them for precise instructions.


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Thanks Emeric, I'll check that out and get back to you. Oh by the way did you get my e-mail ???
Catch u later Alan :)
HELP! before I loose it altogether.
I have been into the ASIO Multimedia set-up, and in the advanced options I’ve run all the tests. Simulation, Check buffers and sync, the whole nine yards, but no joy. (The tests always say every things OK).
It does not exactly help matters when I cant read any of the documentation (whenever I try to open and read a file in acrobat reader it says….not *PDF….or a file read error has occurred.)
Also I have great difficulty in getting through to the site you recommended (cant make a direct connection with the server message)
Is this just me being cynical, or am I doomed to using Cakewalk forever?
Please any advice or help from any body would be greatly appreciated.

Here is the list of error codes and messages I get when I start up VST.
In this order.

ASIO Direct X Driver
An active direct sound audio port could not be found
Error code: FE1-E-0600

ASIO Multimedia Driver
Device: AWE 64G Wave in (220)
Error code: FF7-5-000C (4)
Device could not be opened maybe card is already allocated by another application or this device does not support full duplex mode.

ASIO Multimedia Driver
Device: AWE 64G Wave out (220)
Error code: FF8-5-000C (4)
Device could not be opened maybe card is already allocated by another application or this device does not support full duplex mode.

The ASIO driver could not be started.

Audio: Couldn’t create native audio engine.

There is no translator available for this audio information.

Thanks in advance…….Alan :(

PS.I know you said not to go near anything to do with ASIO, but in the MME Set-up it only lists Midi devices and nothing about audio.

Glad you got it sorted out. My system went down so I was off for a bit. What was the solution?

In mme setup, you have to turn off the general mapper midi, and sync mid, or something like that.
You have to turn off two options in midi setup. I think is a bug from awe64.