VS2000CD gain pot spec please



I posted this on the VS Planet in December of 2019:

[[My 2000CD has been at the local Roland repair facility since 9/16/2019. When checking repair status last week, the word was 'waiting on a part from Roland Japan'.

The tech tells me that the part in question is the 'input knob' pot for input 7. Roland, apparently, waits for international part orders to accumulate until a container can be filled.]]

There were no responses.


I got the machine back from the tech last week with the the apology "too old and unsupported". I've emailed Roland, who responded very politely and promptly, but basically reiterated what the tech told me, adding "we don't release that information due to liability and safety concerns". Please, I'm just looking for numbers-- not some magic IC or firmware code. Roland no longer repairs these, so we must be able to fix them outside of Roland.

I can swap this out if a compatible pot can be sourced. Does anyone here know what the value for VR9 on the main board should be? I hesitate to do any exploratory desoldering/soldering, but it may come to that. That said, I've swapped worn faders for new in an 880, replaced the rotary encoder(part purchased directly from Roland) on this unit and performed "The Fix" on two 2480s.

So anyone with this information, or, in my wildest dreams-- a copy of the Service Notes for the VS2000, would you be so kind as to help me?

Many thanks in advance.