I did a 3 track midi piece. All faders look great, not low, not too high,, no clipping, But when I export and play on another player, the volume is low, you have to crank it up just to get a sound. Any ideas. I tried cranking the master volume where I thought it would clip, it didnt, but was still low. On my system it great, loud on like a 3 setting.
You might give a bit more information. When you say you export, what are the volume settings? There are plugins which will measure the track in LUFS. Are you compressing the sample at all? If you have sound with very large peaks and normalize to 0dB for a peak, your overall level might be 10 or more dB lower than that peak. The LUFS scale will give the overall average loudness, along with peak and short term (~3 seconds intervals) readings.

You might take a good commercial recording an look at the readings, then compare them to your recording.
It's very easy to rip a CD to a standard wav file, with something like Windows Media Player, Exact Audio Copy or VLC or CDEX. Then either load it into something like Reaper, or use the Youlean Loudness Meter. You will get LUFS readings along with peak readings.