Virtual Guitarist 2 on Lion, help!


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For some people this may ring a bell. From OS Lion 10.7.5 onwards "Virtual Guitarist 2" is not supported anymore and won't work. I've scoured the net and found 1 thread with the solution from a Steinberg representative and 1 person on that forum who confirms that it works. I, like many other users, can't seem to get it to work. You need the correct "data path" to allow cubase to find content from VG2.

Is there anyone out there that may know hoe to fix this problem?

"Dear Luc,

thank you for your email. I understand where you're coming from, but please
also note that support for Virtual Guitarist 2 has been discontinued for quite a while now.

However, you can manually edit the path in Lion.

On your Macintosh HD where Lion is installed go to Library -> Preferences and look for
"com.steinberg.Virtual Guitarist 2.plist"

Double-click the file to open it with the Property List Editor.
You should see one entry called "Data Path". Alter the path to the one where you have installed the content,

/Volumes/Macintosh HD/Virtual Guitarist 2 Content/

Then save the file and close the Property List Editor. Now Virtual Guitarist 2 should find its content.

If you have further questions feel free to contact me/us again.

Best regards,
Sebastian Moench

Steinberg Support."