Video Production... Microphones

Hey guys, I was just recently approached by a local production company and got to talking with the owner and found out they really didn't have a "sound engineer" on their team. I got to talking with them and told them I was more than capable of doing anything from voice overs or recording sound effects in the studio with my equipment.

However, in addition to that, they were also interested in just running with the on set audio and this is where I become a little clueless as far as mics go. And have no experience recording outside and not in a controlled environment.

I know the cameras they're using do have xlr inputs and the audio is just going right to the camera until I can get it into protools later and further edit it.

I would imagine shotgun mics would be what I'm after right? The Rode ntg2 for example. Are there any others besides shotguns that would be suitable for recording sound outside?

Anyone have any experience with recording outside and on a set for video, and any suggestions as far as mics go and any tips as far as getting a quality sound?

Thank in advance!