Video Pad and Reaper


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Hello- and a happy new year.
I'm a musician- but newish to video.
I have a video clip of bass and drums , recorded with sound - and I have imported it into Reaper audio software and adjusted the audio balance to my taste. I've then exported the adjusted sound track as an audio .wav file and it sounds good.
My question is- how can I replace the original video sound track in Video Pad with my new soundtrack ?
Er, I just downloaded it, and have never used it before.
I brought in a clip from a camera - it opens up as the usual video and audio waveform. I then went down below the audio track and created another empty one. I brought in an audio clip and slid it into sync. The trick is like in most video editors, just zoom in and using the look of the waveforms, align them. A clap, of course that you can see in the video and spot easily in the audio really helps. You then align the two as accurately as you can, and mute the camera one, or blend it - whatever you want and it's done? It's a free editor and a doddle to work, as it follows the usual menus and functions of the more expensive editors.
Reaper handles video as well as audio, so you can do the whole process there.

Load the video itself into Reaper, import your mixed audio track as well, mute the original audio track, and render the video.
I downloaded VideoPad, and it seems to be a reasonably easy to use editor. I put together a slide show video in a couple of hours using a friend's audio track and some royalty free pictures. You can have multiple video and audio tracks, so it should be really easy to align a new audio track with an old one, then just nuke the old track.
...mute the original audio track...
The “original audio track” is of course the video track, and just clicking the mute button will disable the video. You can just turn that track’s volume slider all the way down or disable the mater/parent send to accomplish it, though.
After spending the afternoon working on a video, I noticed that the audio was different sounding from the original audio track with VideoPad. I tried some adjustments, but it was almost as if there was a compression going on, when no compression was enabled.

In the end, I muted the audio track, exported the edited video (basically just a slide show), and pulled it into Cyberlink Powerdirector15, added the original audio and exported it. Checking the audio, it sounded just like the original wave file. I'm not sure what was going on, I'll try it again, paying more attention to the audio.

If I can't figure out what was causing the change, I'll probably just nuke it and stick with PD15. Maybe I'll put Davinci on this laptop and see how that works.
Thanks a bunch for the replies- they are all very helpful. I wasn't even aware of how to find the video view window in Reaper.
Now that I have I can see my way forward- but of the ' Render ' options for video in Reaper, I believe there are three, which is the best for quality audio ?