Vicious Antelope - Synth Preset Packs List - Updated

Everything Serum Bundle contains 925 presets of all our soundbanks that have been released until today for Xfer Serum synth. Its presets focused in Retro Electronic, EDM and Contemporary Electronic Music.

Offer price 29,99€ until November 30th (Normally 77,97€)

Presets walkthrough videos playlist
*Includes presets walkthrough videos for EDM Shorts Vol.1 & Vol.2, Technolove, New Dimension, Organic Pads, Super Sauce, Progressive House Leads Vol.1, Nature Eye, Pads Of Earth and The Experiment Vol.1

Soundbanks included in bundle : EDM Shorts Vol.1, EDM Shorts Vol.2, New Dimension, Technolove, Organic Pads, Progressive House Leads, Club Leads, Serum Polysynths Vol.1, Serum Polysynths Vol.2, Serum Polysynths Vol.3, Mono Plucks, Distorted Legatos, Serum Plucks Vol.1, Sεrum Plucks Vol.2, Trance Plucky Leads, Deep Keys, Lush Pads, The Sirens, Cut The Mix Leads and Super Sauce

It also includes the free soundbanks:
Nature Eye, Pads Of Earth, The Experiment Vol.1, Serum FM Synths, Serum Polysynths Vol.0 and 8ths Dot Delay.

OberBass soundbank for Arturia SEM V2 and Analog Lab V synths contains 50 bass presets focused on vintage electronic music productions as well as Synthwave or more experimental forms of music.
Pretty much harsh character here sometimes combined with this acid element coming from the filter’s resonance or some more classic bass sounds that strongly remind the past decades when the pioneers of the electronic music genre were expanding the horizons of music world.
OberBass includes 25 Bass presets and 25 Bass Arps (disabling the arp on those converts them also to classic bass synth presets) with plenty modulation to give extra movement to the sound. 4 voices polyphony is used to help use the presets also as more conventional in terms of performance polysynths. The classic Oberheim sound identity is all over the place here and this is what makes the soundbank a nice addition to your palette of retro sounding weapons.

Intro price 6,00€ unti December 7th (Normally 13,00€)

Presets walkthrough video

Sympan Vol.4 Soundbank for Arturia Pigments 3 and Analog Lab V is the fourth pack of our “Sympan” series. Sympan ( Σύμπαν) means universe in Greek language and so this new synth preset series will be focused on discovering new elements in the infinite universe of sound and music. Airy and moving synths, sci-fi keys, dark keys, harsh pads, distorted synths and melodic soft leads are some of the soundcolors included here.

Intro price 7,00€ until December 12th (Normally 15,00€)

Presets walkthrough video

Cinesphere I for Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2 is a 50 polysynths soundbank with a variety of character from textural and harsh synths to dark ambient presets and weird atmospheric plucks to vintage sounding patches. Those presets are heavily inspired by one of my favorite composers Vangelis. They encompass retrofuturistic and sci-fi vibes full of nostalgic sonic dimensions.

Intro price 6,50€ until December 14th (Normally 13,00€)

Presets walkthough video

Sympan Vol.5 Soundbank for Arturia Pigments 3 and Analog Lab V is the fifth and last pack of our “Sympan” series. This pack consists atmospheric sounds and most of them add this tension and release moving feeling in a very cinematic way. All presets are based on custom electric guitar samples.

Intro price 7,00€ until December 16th (Normally 15,00€)

Presets walkthrough video


All 5 Sympan soundbanks have been bundled in one 300 presets pack.
Intro price 39,99€ until January 5th 2023 (Normally 49.99€)