(Very) small music studio help


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I just moved into my new apartment, and I have the luxury to dedicate a room to building a small studio. I record a lot of vocals, but ideally I also want to have a decent listening/mixing experience as well.

I'm fairly experienced with Acoustic Treatment, but I thought I would ask for your help and advice as I'm sure you have some great ideas and tips.

I've attached some imaged of the space in 2D as well as 3D, which I hope will provide you with a decent overview. These are my thoughts so far:
  • Placing the desk and monitors against the wall with the window to be able to have side wall symmetry, as well as being able to treat first reflections
  • Bass trapping as much as possible (movable bass trap behind the door etc).
  • Broadband treatment of the back wall (the wall with the door)

However, I also have some questions regarding the slightly assymetrical space:
  • Would it be effective to put Bass Traps in the two corners that are "next to each other", resulting in 5 corners treated in total?
  • How do I go about treating the back wall, considering the difference in height compared to the rest of the room?

What do you think guys, any words of advice? How would you go about treating this room?


  • 3d door.PNG
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  • 3d window.PNG
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What are you doing in the room? It's even smaller than my 11'x11' (~335cm square) space, but most folks suggest just making bad spaces as dry and non-reflective as possible, i.e., take "the room" completely out of the recording/listening equation.

I mostly just mix some acoustic stuff, and often with no bass [guitar], and only ever recorded bass direct, so, have bass traps in three corners (door in the 4th), but have panels on all 4 walls, as well.

If you really have to record/mix true, heavy bass/low-frequency content, you might have a problem getting in the room with it sufficiently trapped!